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Insulated Render and Brick Slip Explained 

If your home was built pre 1930's there is a very good chance the external walls are 9 inch thick solid brick rather than the newer cavity walls, which have two independent single brick walls with a cavity or gap in between them. As the solid walls have no gap, they are better at transferring cold and heat, which allows heat from your home to escape faster

The good news, solid walls can be insulated on the outside to dramatically improve the way they perform thermally, helping your home stay warmer and cozier for longer.


The cost of installing External Wall Insulation (EWI) is greater than insulating a standard cavity wall, however the savings on your heating bills will be greater too. Factor in the aesthetic improvement to your property and the fact that your bricks and pointing will be protected from the element, further reducing maintenance cost for the future, and it's hard to see why fitting EWI to the walls of your home would not be a 'must' home improvement option.

Various finishes and details 

Fitting insulation and improving the thermal efficiency of your home is very much the business end of the work, however the fun bit is yet to come. Once the insulation has been fitted you have a wide array of options available to you on how you'd like the finished wall to look such as:


  • Coloured Renders 

  • Render Brick

  • Real Brick Slip

  • Real Stacked Stone Slip

Coloured Renders are the most common finishes as they come in a wide range of colours and textures, plus they are virtually maintenance free and are the most cost effective way to finish an EWI system.

20160901_113808 (2).jpg
Mayfair Avenue 2.JPG

Render Brick is very much the middle ground between a coloured rendered finish and brick a brick slip finish on both aesthetic and cost. The system is applied in a similar way to coloured render however once the render finish has been applied and is still wet, the brick pattern is carefully cut out to the required design leaving the brick effect.

Real Brick Slip is the premium finish for EWI which is reflected in how it looks, feels and costs. Brick slips are either extruded from clay and baked in a kiln the same way as normal bricks or they are cut from a full brick, usually between 14 - 25mm thick depending how old and brittle the brick being cut is. As there is often a lot of waste when cutting brick slips from a full brick the cost of using older brittle rustic stock bricks is often a lot higher, albeit the finish is outstanding.  

Real Brick Slip can also be used internally as a feature wall to give the room that rustic feel and to ad more character.

Pictures from iphone 16_01_2019 446.JPG
Stone Cladding.JPG

Real Stacked Stone Slip offers a great alternative finish to standard brick slip and can transform any room. This type of finish is especially suited to bathrooms, swimming pools and kitchens and comes in many different styles and colours.

Standard Details and installation methods will always be explained to you by the Hylo Services surveyor during the initial survey whilst collecting information to complete the quotation, and again once the quotation has been accepted during the pre start meeting the week before the installation is due to start. Common details often include:


Extending existing window sills to ensure they are long enough to direct water over the insulated render system with enough of a drip to ensure water does not run down the new render.

Extending rain water pipes, garden taps, soil ventilation pipes, gate and fence post and any other fixture that may be fitted to the wall of your home to allow for the extra thickness of insulation which will be fitted.

How the scaffold will be erected in preparation for the installation of EWI, including details on how it would be fitted over porches, conservatories or in tight spaces. 

Why choose Hylo Service

  • You will be appointed a dedicated Project Manager to guide you through the entire installation, ensuring the installation runs smoothly from the point at which the quote is accepted to the point when you are happy to sign off the work.

  • We take every aspect of the installation under our umbrella, including scaffold arrangements, enabling work, waste removal and applying for warranties.

  • We fully audit every installation to ensure the correct installation methods are used and to ensure the highest standards of quality are met on every project.

  • We only use BBA approved or equivalent materials.

  • All our work comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty as standard.

  • Our installation teams are fully trained and qualified installation engineers.

Coloured Render
Render Brick
Real Brick Slip
Real Stacked Stone Slip
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